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5 Share Friday 3 May 2019

Quote I’m pondering “If they can train you to do it, then eventually they will train a computer to do it.” – Naval Ravikant

The best 1hr 16 mins I spent this week – Watching Call to Courage with Brene Brown. It’s funny and potentially life changing. Pertinent for me was the focus on ordinary moments i.e. the moments you’ll miss when they’re gone, yet might annoy while they happen. Things like having to get your kids out of bed for school in the morning, or walking your dog in the rain and getting wet. When these moments are gone it’s most likely we’ll want them back, even though at the time they were seen as bothersome.

Forbes did a great write up on why you should watch this here, it’s worth the read.

Quick inspiring read – Seths blog in early April described the Avocado principles beautifully. In essence – Plant your tree before you need the shade.

Favourite appHemingway app (desktop not phone) – I’m doing more and more writing lately. Most of it is sh#tty first drafts, yet I’m getting better from using the Hemingway app (free in web browser, $19.99 for desktop). This app highlights potential areas that need improvement. It even has WordPress integration.

If you write anything from emails to actual published content, the Hemingway app could easily become a critical tool for you (great alternative is Grammarly).

LinkedIn – I’m still trying to use LinkedIn for content, both reading and publishing. It’s a clunky tool that does has a lot of advantages. The problem I still have is the algorithms and how ineffective they can be.

When I compare Medium or even Facebook, content gets to more readers. So what is it about LinkedIn that’s not working? I’m still not 100% sure, though this article from a few years ago still has some truths. For now I’ll keep going, as I’m convinced the more I learn, change and adapt, before it gets really good, the more effective it will be as a platform.


I hope you have a fantastic weekend doing what you love.

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