5 Share Friday

5 Share Friday 10 May 2019

Welcome to 5 share Friday! This week you’ll find the 4 key elements to entrepreneurship, the top app instagram users are using, and thoughts on a future economic crash (that hardly anyone in the media is talking about).


Quote I’m pondering – “I will prepare and someday my chance will come.”Abraham Lincoln

Blog post that changed my thinkingSeth Godin wrote a 2 minute piece last year on entrepreneurship. With so many people graduating at this time of year, it’s pertinent to remember that entrepreneurial behaviour is about the desire for the journey. Unfortunately I hear about so many graduates want to make money without putting in the work. Entrepreneurship is now a journey I’ve set myself on, in the the Seth Godin way where my goal is not a passive income.

Favourite new purchaseWord Swag app. This little beauty allows me to quickly configure text on images, which can then be shared across multiple social media sites. It’s a low cost subscription, one that’s is well worth the investment, especially if you’re looking to use Instagram or simply play around with images and text.

Book I’m readingThe Laws of Human Nature  By Robert Greene who wrote the fantastic 48 Laws of Power, one of the few books that changed my life significantly (20 years ago). In his new book Robert Greene focuses on 48 aspects of humanity through the lens of history, philosophy, psychology, and wisdom to explain how people behave. He argues that, as social animals, it is essential to understand our own motivations and those of our associates in order to function more effectively. It’s wonderful so far!

Why I’m ok about the upcoming economic meltdown – As Gary Vaynerchuck puts it “The next economic meltdown is going to be the beginning of happiness at a bigger scale”

He wrote a 2 minute read at the end of last year that’s really interesting

We know it’s going to happen, we just don’t know when. So taking the advice of Abe Lincoln ( the quote I’m pondering this week), preparation is everything. Even with the job I currently have, I’m prepping my micro org within the company to be able to do more with less, while at the same time increasing impact for our customers. I’m prepping personally too, in part by improving my minimalism and reliance on ‘things’.


I hope you have a fantastic weekend doing what you love.

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