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5 Share Friday 1 February 2019

Quote I’ve been pondering – “We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.”– George Bernard Shaw

What I’m readingGatesnotes is becoming one of the websites I spend the most time on. Bill has a thirst for growth and uses that growth for positive change in the world. Gatesnotes is pretty inspiring and interesting. He’s not the person he was in his 20’s and If I’m ever half the person Bill is now I’ll be happy (I don’t agree with all of his views either which makes his site all the more interesting for me).

His end of year post on wrapping up 2018 is inspiring. It contains his 4 quality of life questions, ones I’m now asking myself more often: Did I devote enough time to my family? Did I learn enough new things? Did I develop new friendships and deepen old ones? Do the people I care about love me back?

Here’s a scary photo of Bill before he asked himself those sorts of questions..

App I’ve been playing withYousician, where I’ve been looking at the guitar lessons (I used to play but got rusty). I had the pleasure of spending some time with their head of engineering this week (who visited the team I’m part of at Unity). Yousician are a company that’s going places. The guitar tuner is awesome and they have more than just guitar lessons so go take a look.

Most shocking readOne in 20 Britons does not believe the Holocaust took place. I’ve always known there are people who just don’t believe it, yet it’s saddened me to learn the number of people who don’t know or believe. It’s a real eye opener, reminding me I need to make sure that, as my children grow older, they’re aware and educated. At the very least, we need to know the past in order to make a better future.

Something I learnt – Hotel keys do not get wiped by your phone. I use an RFID blocking wallet. I was tired with hotel keys that stopped working, as well as the risks around mixed payments while using multiple cards. It turns out that hotel keys being wiped by your phone is a complete myth, who knew? Not me!

Happy weekend everyone!

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