5 Share Friday

5 Share Friday 19 April 2019

Quote I’m pondering – “Your praise is contagious – So is your complaint. What are you carrying today?” – Steve Furtick

Spotting fake news – Kids are learning how and so should we. This article explains how the News Literacy project is teaching kids how to spot real news and fake news. With large numbers of people getting their news from social media, we are now entering a real crisis, one where people are making decisions and judgements based on trusting without verifying.

New favourite iOS appSnapseed is the most fantastic free photo editor I’ve ever used on my iPhone. If you take photo’s with your phone then this app is a must have.

Free stories – I’ve joined Storybird where I can get free stories (including kids ones). The main reason I’ve joined is to start publishing my own stories to see how they do and get help and advice from others. I’m only writing short children’s stories at the moment, if anyone is interested just reach out to me and I’ll send a link when I post a story up.

LinkedIn Algorithm explained – This article explains how LinkedIn gets posts in users feeds really well. It’s insightful and I’m adding this to my notes on effective usage of the LinkedIn platform. Here’s a handy graphic from the site.


I hope you have a fantastic weekend doing what you love.

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