5 Share Friday

5 Share Friday 28 December 2018

1.Quote I’ve been pondering “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one. ” Brad Paisley

2. Article I’ve been readingSplashdatas top 100 worst passwords of 2018. It’s hard to believe that 123456 & password continue to be the top 2 passwords used across the internet. If you don’t have a good password the New Year is a great time to make that change.

3. Best purchase of December (outside of presents) – The HP OfficeJet 250 mobile All-in-One printer. This printer is small, it fits into my day rucksack. We wanted a printer at home that didn’t take up much room and this is perfect. It prints terrific photo quality, has smart phone compatibility, bluetooth or wireless connectivity and is fully loaded with all the features you’d expect from an All-in-One printer.

4. Book I’m reading (among others) – It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work by the CEO and CFO at Basecamp. This book was a Christmas present from my wife’s parents and so far it’s a fantastic read. It starts with a brilliant premise, viewing your company as if it were a product. Leaders need to work as hard on their company as they do on their products. Most modern tech companies claim to be ‘non’ corporate nowadays, yet the reality is they are corporate. Setting goals, having free drinks, food and table football is actually corporate. Not being corporate is Basecamp, where they have no goals. Here’s a question: would sales numbers actually change one iota if a business didn’t set goals? Are those goals informing and improving the work done, or simply increasing the amount of stress and the chance that someone within the company will potentially compromise real values to meet those fake numbers? I think we all know the answer…

5. Firework season is upon us now New Years is around the corner. Our dog Bertie isn’t the biggest fan, though he is a fan of his Thundershirt. We’ve invested in this vest as it comforts him in times of stress (like fireworks). If you have a cat or a dog and wonder what you can do during fireworks then this vest is a fantastic investment.

Wishing you all a terrific weekend and Happy New Year celebration!

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