5 Share Friday

15th September 2017

Yikes, it’s nearly the weekend, hold on tight we’re headed into Autumn.

1. Quote I’m pondering this week “Gratitude is a currency that we can mint for ourselves and spend without fear of bankruptcy” – Fred De Witt Van Amburgh. I still actively write in my gratitude journal everyday ( and my life is far from perfect (who’s is?) though I make sure to be grateful for the smallest things, they can add up to a wonderful life.

2. Wow, cryptocurrency is starting to go mainstream. Interestingly, many people under 35 are viewing crypto currency as their retirement fund, seeing traditional markets as corrupt and failing us, great article here

3. A couple of years ago I read the book 10% Happier by Dan Harris. It literally changed me within the course of a week and I’ve never looked back. Recently I started listening to his podcast He has some great guests and I highly recommend it if living life to the full interests you.

4. A few years ago I decided to stop reading magazines, watching the news and filling my life with content decided by corporations. I broke that rule for the last year with just one publication. I’ve been receiving Inc magazine each month, I think it’s worth it. I used to get HBR though it’s a year or 2 behind the times as represents large corporations. Inc is all about startups and its subjects are at the tip of the spear. It’s dirt cheap to subscribe in the USA (just Google it) for those in the UK interested have a look here:

5. Book I’m reading The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni – it’s all about the importance of organisational health, it trumps everything and I agree. It’s a great book. For those that don’t fancy another book in their life you can listen to this 20 minute synopsis that’s pretty good


5 Share Friday

8th September 2017

It’s 5 share Friday again! I’m not sure why it’s 5 when I’ve read the science behind humans only remembering 3 things, but hey, 2 extra for the price of 3 isn’t bad.
1. Quote I’m pondering this week “Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” Earl Nightingale
2. A friend inspired me to look at Intermittent fasting as it’s coming to light that this helps with ageing. I’ve been researching Art De Vany in light of this as he covers whole life (including fasting) I’m skipping various meals during the week and already feeling better for it.
3. Wondering which country to move to later in life? I am, this is helping and it’s also an insightful look at how to use the data
4. Book I’m reading: Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World it’s pretty amazing and full of data analysis for those who like that sort of thing (the type of analysis that’s high level).
5. A friend shared this link with me: it’s got lots of data, check it out, it’s interesting stuff.
5 Share Friday

1st September 2017

It’s here! It’s Friday! It’s time to read about random stuff that will delete the important stuff from your brain.
1. Watch this TED talk to see examples of data rigging and how reports can summarise incorrect outcomes from data. Ben has an awesome book called Bad Science, highly recommended reading!
2. Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist history returned with season 2! No one rewires my brain like this guy, he is an incredible writer and thinker. If you don’t do podcasting, I still urge you to take the 35-40 minutes each week to listen to MG’s episodes, you won’t regret it – Think different, learn how with MG.
3. Take supplements? Want to live healthier and longer? I read this book when it was released a few years back and have been experimenting with several aspects since. One of the largest changes I’ve made is reducing my supplements to just a pro biotic a few times a week. The Vitamin industry is $25 billion. Dr. Agus profiles several studies on vitamins that actually have more of a negative affect instead of a positive effect. The data shows that we should NOT take vitamins. This is a great read if you don’t want to look at the book:
4. Heard of Jo Robinson? I hadn’t until a few months back, I got her book and have changed how I buy and store my fresh food. Check it out and get more nutrients from your diet and dump those supplements.
5. Seen these slippers advertised everywhere? Me too! I finally bought a pair and holy sh#t they are the best slipper in the world. If you love your feet you’ll be willing to spend the money, they are lovely.